Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your photo becomes WORD ART...

Recently I learned to create art from common or poor quality photos. This is such a neat way to "salvage" an otherwise poor pic! Note the green house had recycling boxes in the photo before the finished art! The colorful shirts in the beach photo make a very colorful lettering in the second art photo.

Do you want a photo/word art for yourself? Send me your photo and which word you want to cover the lower area.  White is the default color... let me know if you prefer another color.

Other words: Friends, Sisters, Family, Church, Baby Boy/Girl, Campers, Christmas, your LAST NAME!  Words can be VERTICAL or along any side... what's your flavor?
Please send me ideas!!    NEW Suggested words: love, sweethearts, joy

(DIY printing at your favorite store or on your home printer!)

Order PIC-WORD art for $3 each DIGITAL copy from BARB H via email. behughes@steadynet.com


Sally Ann said...

Can you make words be on the top and sides of the photo as well? Also, you could use one for a travel mug insert.

Anonymous said...

I love how you were able to "hide" the ugly recycling boxes and yard mess in the house photo. Sally's idea of word placement is a good one too. Other word ideas: love, sweethearts, joy.